I’m Amber and this is my Final Major Project; “Can Art Depict the True Effect of Eating Disorders?” for Level 3 Print and Journalism, year 1.

My project is a few spoken word poems accompanying a photography series named ‘Beauty of You.’. The poems and photos will be following the theme of eating disorders and the effect they have on people. I hope to use a sensitive yet impacting approach to increase awareness of eating disorders and the effects they have, as well as how to spot the warning signs and what help is available. I will also hope to maintain the running theme of ‘beauty’ and ‘pretty things’  throughout my photographs, using graphic art styles and photoshop. I would also hope to carry this theme over to my writing.

To accompany my photographs, I will write an analytical piece for each one, explaining the meaning behind the photographs and what they each show, in terms of how they relate to eating disorders and their effects.

My desired audience is really from the ages 14-18, although I’d like to appeal to a wider audience. I chose this audience as it is roughly around the time you start to become more aware of yourself and your appearance, making you more prone to bullying, self loathe etc. I also chose not to be gender specific as things like eating disorders don’t have specific victims.  However, the images may provide mildly explicit scenes, so of course an age limit of at least 14 will apply.                                                                                                      My project is aimed across every demographic, every race, gender, sexuality, religion, background etc. Mental health does not have desired victim.

The audience can expect an emotive and personal piece of poetry, written from my own experiences, as well as a series of photographs also influenced by my personal experience and from the view of those closest to me during the years I struggled with eating disorders.

I chose to do my FMP on eating disorders as a result of myself, my brother, my best friend and my mother both dealing with a range of eating disorders for many years of our lives. It is something very close to my heart that I feel needs more recognition.

I hope to follow more of an emotive yet educational structure and style when writing my poem, hoping to carrying that over when completing my photography series. My style of writing hasn’t really been influenced by many, however I do take inspiration from the poet and author of ‘Milk and Honey’, Rupi Kaur. Her poems are very personal and tackle issues not many feel brave enough to discuss. My photos, however, are influenced by many photographers following a similar theme or style. Here are a few photographers/art styles/photography series that I have taken inspiration from, whether it be colour scheme, ideas & themes, messages or style/or it is work I enjoy.

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In order to evaluate, I will look back on my work, recognising my strengths and weaknesses and begin to understand how I could have improved the way I worked and the work I produced. I will also analyse the issues and obstacles I encountered, how I overcame them and what could have been done to avoid them if I did this project again.                                                                                                     

 I will also evaluate whether or not I reached my desired audience in the way I had wished to and if I didn’t, how would have changed my work path in order to do so.

My overall aspiration for this project is to push myself to my full potential and incorporate college, passions and personal experiences to create something with consistency and to help increase awareness amongst young people about otherwise taboo topics.

Thank You.